Over the years I have taken quite a bit of video of my fights. Much of it is unedited and just barely chopped into fights for youtube. You can see my entire archive of youtube videos if you really just want to see some robot destruction. Otherwise, below you will find some of my favorite fights that involved my bots.

Scurrie vs Foobar at Motorama 2009

I finally got my 12 pounder dialed in pretty well and fought a vicious one-toothed vertical bot named Foobar. This is one of my favorite give-and-take fights that I was in despite me losing at the end.

Tripolar Grudge Match with Billy Bob at Franklin 2007

The first time I had a reliable-ish shell spinner against my soon-to-be rival Billy Bob driven by Brian Benson. This fight had some HUGE hits.

Tripolar vs Sloth at Motorama 2008

All I can say is "WHAM". Biggest hit that bot ever survived.

Devour vs Cataclysm at Motorama 2011

I didn't *quite* hit the roof, but I was above the hanging lights... What a hit!. The bot still worked afterward too.

Steel Shadow vs Shaka at Motorama 2011

Biggest hit Shadow ever took. Probably the most damage any of my bots has ever taken. "How'd we survive that?!"